There are over 80,000 Hop-Lok gate latches presently in use on farms, ranches, auction barns, breeding facilities and veterinary hospitals.

Spring-loaded latches or swivels

Built to last a lifetime


How it works

Spring-loaded latches are positive locking and are secure, free from loosening from vibrations. Upon closing the gate with a spring-loaded latch, the plunger snaps into place, forced by the pressure of the spring to latch securely.

Drawn Over
Mandrel Steel Tubing

Stainless Steel
Actuating Spring

Cold Finished Machine Steel Plunger

Alloy Knob


Our spring-loaded gate latch is unconditionally guaranteed against breakage for life. The latch should last a lifetime with only an occasional lubrication of the plunger and housing.

  • Remove the roll pin (1) from the aluminum pull (2) by using a 5/32in. pin punch and remove the aluminum pull and the buffer washer (3).

  • Disassemble the latch by pulling the plunger (4) and the stainless steel spring (5) from the housing (6)