Note: Disassembly required only if the latch is to be attached to gate by welding.

1. Remove the roll pin (1) from the aluminum pull (2) by using a 5/32in. pin punch and remove the aluminum pull and the buffer washer (3).

2. Disassemble the latch by pulling the plunger (4) and the stainless steel spring (5) from the housing (6)

3. Weld the housing to the gate or attach to gate (on wooden gates) with the attachment clamps (see figure 2). Do not weld the housing with the latch assembled as the heat will ruin the stainless steel spring.

4. After the housing has cooled, reassemble the latch, line up the hole in the stem (7) and the hole in the aluminum
pull (2) and drive the toll pin back in until the pin is flush with the pull.
This latch is unconditionally guaranteed against breakage for life. When properly installed, the latch should last a lifetime with only an occasional lubrication of the plunger and housing.